Josephine Lee

Full stack developer

Software Engineering

Current: Software Engineer at the Broad Institute in the Cancer Data Science group

Building the Cancer Dependency Map Portal and other Flask-React webapps to centralize, analyze, and visualize data. We are hiring!

Past experience and projects

Appistry, Inc.

Software Engineer Intern at Appistry, making next-generation sequencing analysis accessible to clinicians

Built and consumed REST APIs on a Django-Angular stack

Project Osler

An open-source electronic medical records app for a free clinic run by the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

Django-powered, test-driven goodness

Web Development

Various projects including a calendar, chat site, messaging service, and Android app backend

Playing with jQuery, AngularJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS, Socket.IO, PHP, MySQL and MongoDB

ArchHacks 2016

Helped to organize ArchHacks, a hackthon at Washington University in St. Louis

Python scripting to process applications and plan bus routes, and data visualization

Algorithms and Data Structures

Implemented a divide-and-conquer algorithm, a hashtable, a skip list and Dijkstra's algorithm on a binary heap priority queue

Analyzed various sorts, searchers, and other algorithms and data structures. Lorem ipsum big-O!

Various Games

Built a program thats plays Sudoku, Gomoku, and ultimate Tic Tac Toe

Learnt C++ inheritance, function overloading, dynamic allocation, copy control, containers, algorithms

Data Science and Computational Biology

Data Science as a Software Engineer
Broad Institute, Cancer Data Science group (Jan 2017 - current)
Built pipelines, ran scripts, and manipulated tables and matrices in R and python
Computational Genomics Research
Bio434W Research Explorations in Genomics (Jan - May 2016)
Finished and annotated regions of the Drosophila ficusphila genome using next-gen sequencing data, gene predictors and existing experimental data

Experimental Life Sciences

Plant Biochemistry
Jez Lab, Washington Universtiy in St. Louis (Jan - May 2016)
Analyzed protein function through site-directed mutagenesis and kinetic assays
Plant and Molecular Biology
Haswell Lab, Washington Universtiy in St. Louis (Jan 2014 - Dec 2015)
2015 American Society of Plant Biologists Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Investigated gene function through traditional and Gateway cloning, genotyping, RNA-seq analysis, mutant complementation, confocal microscopy and various phenotypic analyses
Biomedical Research
JBS Science, Drexel University (May - Aug 2013)
Developed screens for colon cancer diagnosis and investigated epigenetic liver cancer markers
Marine Ecology
OpenLab, Raffles Institution (April 2011 - Feb 2013)
Investigated the diversity of symbiotic algae in corals


Bachelor of Arts,
Washington Universtiy in St. Louis
GPA: 3.96
  • Algorithms and Data Structures (CSE241)
  • Rapid Prototype Development and Creative Programming (CSE330)
  • Cloud Computing with Big Data Applications (CSE427)
  • Genomics (Bio434W)
  • Biochemistry (Bio4810)
  • Plant Biology and Genetic Engineering (Bio3041)